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By AtleX on Monday 10 March 2008 20:00 - Comments (12)
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Today I discovered Audiosurf , a small and simple game about racing on music. :P I downloaded Steam, created an account and installed the Audiosurf demo. After 4 songs the demo expired, but I really like the game so I bought it via Steam using PayPal. It's very cheap, only $9.95 which is a lousy 6.50 euros with the current exchange rate.

Unfortunately it will take some time to process my payment, so I started looking around in Steam. I really liked the idea of a central game distribution platform so I looked around to see which options and features Steam has. On the "My Games" tab I clicked on "properties" while Audiosurf was selected, and after some clicking around I noticed the "verify the integrity of game cache..." button. I runned the check, and after some more clicking around I launched Audiosurf again because I hoped they processed my payment so I could play again. At first I saw the word "demo" in the main screen, but I also noticed that my play counter was reset.
So I happily played four tracks again, and started investigating why my play counter was reset to 0. After trying some options in Steam I checked the game cache integrity again and started Audiosurf again. And voila, the play counter was set to 0. :*)
I 'raced' some 20 tracks so far, and I still like it. :) Unfortunately I've got little spare time recently, because I need to spend about 80 hours a week to get my schoolwork done , but Audiosurf is a great game to play in a break for 10 minutes or so. :)

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By Tweakers user TerraGuy, Monday 10 March 2008 22:17

only $9.95 which is a lousy 6.50 euros with the current exchange rate
...but you also have to pay taxes, so it is a little more. Still, not much. :) Funny game. Have to give it a better try to see if I want to buy it, but the idea and the way it is designed is very cool. :)

By Tweakers user 3V3RT, Tuesday 11 March 2008 19:05

Nice find!, I think the game works best with hardstyle numbers with load's of bass :)

By PatrickB, Saturday 5 April 2008 20:13


How long did it take before your game was switched to full mode? I bought it too, but it is not yet set to full mode :(

Anyways, thanks to this "hack" I can play it unlimited :)

By Tweakers user AtleX, Saturday 5 April 2008 20:22

Steam needed 6 hours to complete the payment, and I had to restart Steam to activate the full game. :)

By PatrickB, Saturday 5 April 2008 20:29

Well, then I should wait till tomorrow morning. But at least I can play the demo unlimited.


By Veng, Sunday 6 April 2008 17:06

Is there any difference between the demo and full version then?

By Tweakers user AtleX, Sunday 6 April 2008 18:06

No, the functionality is the same, but in the demo you can only play 4 songs before it expires.

By mmm, Tuesday 8 April 2008 12:58

Another way to do it:

Leave Steam running, not logged in (though I don't think this matters). Make sure you have a clean install of Audiosurf that you've run once and haven't played any songs.

Set \steam\steamapps\common\audiosurf\engine\Support\SavedConstants.cgr as a read-only file.

Run Audiosurf.

You have to restart the demo every four songs, but it'll prevent Audiosurf from writing the fact that you've used all the songs to a file. It should also keep the song cache, local highscores, etc. It will, however, reset all the settings (such as your online login, screen resolution, unlocked characters). So it's rather crippled.

Alternatively you can back the Audiosurf installation folder when it's "unused" state, and just delete the used one and recopy the files across fresh. This takes a bit longer, but saves having to worry about steam.

PayPal is too slow. :(

By anonymous, Sunday 1 June 2008 22:35

Somehow my audiosurf demo hasn't expired, and I never even tried to reset it or anything. I kept on re-downloading the demo to play more songs, and while it was downloading this last time I think I right-clicked it and chose "play game," even though it said it was still downloading. Maybe I clicked "update now," I don't really remember.... But strangely enough, when I finally started the demo, I noticed that I had all of the characters.

Then I played some songs, and no limit ever popped up. Bizarre... Even after quitting and restarting the game, it still didn't give me a limit. I was able to start an account, and can comment on songs and everything.

The only thing missing from the game's functionality is the ability to obtain achievements, I think, because I've gotten stealth before on ninja mono on fairly long songs, and when I look under the achievements-list I don't see any that I've actually gotten. Still, it's a very fun game it's pretty nice having a demo that functions as well as the full game...

By Corey, Sunday 22 November 2009 17:22

Nice find!!!!!!!!!!!!! :)

By Chris, Wednesday 3 March 2010 16:31

Thanks alot :)
You made my day :D

By Neilene, Sunday 22 May 2011 03:31

I know I'm kinda reviving a dead post here, but I love this game, so yeah :3
I gotta say two things here:
1. Why would anyone ever play anything other than Mono/pro? XD
2. I have to disagree with Atlex about steam taking 6hrs to process payments, it took like 20 seconds for me, I installed and played it in under five minutes. But then again, that might've changed in the last 3 or so years XD

Anyway, I hope this little trick still works (can't check atm) cause it's still (after like, 2-3 years) my favorite game :)

~ Neilene

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